Being a third culture kid, born in Egypt and raised in Saudi Arabia for 18 years, helped Maram Nazmy observe different styles of arts and craftsmanship inspired by different cultures. Maram was inspired by her Asian art teacher during primary school level who valued working with hands and appreciating raw materials. During summer vacation, Maram used to do paper crafts and buy step by step origami books. Origamis edginess and sharpness influenced Maram’s style to an extent that she makes architectural models at her university by folding out papers to make clean unique sharp models. Being an architecture student at the American University in Cairo, gave maram a chance to participate in extra-curricular activities that shed light on business life and start ups. This made maram more eager to start up her own design brand and join the business life. Later on, she started playing out with low poly art digitally and origami physically which resulted in creating these unique homeware pieces that can be styled according to clients preferences. MARAMZY as a brand focuses on integrating raw materials together to create an authentic aesthetic that compliments the luxuriousness of the piece.