(K)andle II

(K)andle II

You light up my Christmas!


During this season as we move to the end of the year, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible more than ever. We are always blessed to have them in our lives, having our back, pushing us to reach the best in every path we choose. Indeed, they are brighten our lives and smiles, so it is time to tell them that they are the highlight of this year and every coming year. Hence, Maramzy this year decided to focus on one product for this holiday season which emphasises on this message “you light up my Christmas!”.


We designed, (K)andle, Kindle + Candle. a simple product that’s worth a thousand words which inspires a lot of emotions and feelings. The design is inspired from the glass snowball and turned into a mini table lamp. We present you a truly made with love gift that will always remind your loved ones of you.



  • Specs

    Marble Base: 12 cm (Diameter)

    Overall Dimensions: 17 cm x 15 cm

    **Light Bulb included only in option (K)andle with Bulb