"Superstitious vs Stitious"

"Superstitious vs Stitious"

"I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious" - Michael Scott (The office). We have all been binge-watching thorughout the lockdown and ofcourse we can't miss watching the office series. 


Not sure to go for the big or small one, we've got the best of both worlds for you. Enjoy the "stitious set" to clip your memos, pictures, quarantine recipes, etc,..


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    Material:  Gold powder coated steel paperclip attached to a circular marble base. Base availabe in dark mode & light mode.

    Dimensions: "A Little Stitious" Paper clip height ( 9 cm) & base diameter (8 cm)

    "Superstitious" Paper clip height ( 21 cm) & base diameter (10 cm)